What we do

Continuo Creative's team combines many years of publishing and editorial packaging experience with an enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude to every new project. We offer inspiring creative skills in editorial and design, combined with an unflappable project-management expertise that is dedicated to meeting our client's budget and deadlines.


We have created publications for some of the most demanding clients in the business. This includes meeting the house-style standards of companies such as Lucasfilm, McLaren and Disney for licensed products, and winning the Campaign for Plain English Crystal Mark for instructional copy.

Product development

Continuo can take a concept from the germ of an idea to a finished product, working independently or as closely with a client as required. We are very experienced in preparing material for market research and test launches, and have worked with numerous research companies to test and refine the product.

magazines, books and cards

Continuo’s principals cut their teeth in conventional print products, and our impressive portfolio demonstrates our ability to turn in high-quality illustrated publications on time and on budget. We can work to an existing tight brief, or create a finished product starting with a blank sheet.


One of our specialities is explaining how things are done, clearly, accurately and concisely. We have our own dedicated studio where we can produce step-by-step instructions for paper, web pages or video, with the help of expert demonstrators whose skills range from model making to needlework and from fine art to cookery.

Model design and demonstration

One of our specialities is making it easy for amateur hobbyists to build world-class models and miniature replicas, thanks to step-by-step instructions that are second to none. Our team of expert demonstrators and professional prototype-makers includes Gold Medal-standard model engineers - and we have a proven track record of helping to design, plan and troubleshoot the design of every last component to guarantee customer satisfaction.


We are used to producing highly illustrated, informative pages. Our talented designers use the latest industry-standard software to produce great-looking, easy-to-read layouts with imaginative use of images and text.


Our links with the leading general and specialist picture libraries are second to none and we pride ourselves on being able to source the best images and video footage available, at a price to suit any budget. When original photography is required, we can provide this cost-effectively and at high quality from our own studio, at specialist facilities or on location.


We have a long experience of working with markets outside the UK. We have created products designed for cost-effective foreign-language editions and have originated titles directly in languages as diverse as German and Finnish, as well as for the US market.


We have also produced numerous English editions of products originated in other languages, from Spanish to Japanese. Our ability covers all kinds of source material, including specialist technical copy on a wide range of subjects.

Web design

We have created publications designed to be read online or downloaded. We can also create promotional websites for publications we produce, or work together with third-party web design and marketing companies.

Video creation

Our expert team includes expert camera operators, sound engineers and video editors who can create custom-made video programmes, clips and promotional shorts very cost-effectively, using original and archive footage.

Continuo Creative Omnibus House 39-41 North Road London N7 9DP email: info@continuocreative.co.uk Telephone: +44 (0)20 7609 4500